that I thought was a jack hammer a couple of weekends ago?

It's been happening a lot more in the mornings. I followed the noise and it sounded like it was in my laundry room and I thought it might be the gas hot water heater doing something strange.

Today was a day of peace for me, I slept and read and ate and enjoyed nature on the back patio. Of course I took some photos.

About 5pm I saw Sophie the cat next door walk past my gate and go up in the desert, she is not supposed to so I was calling her when Jim popped his head around the wall. I told him where she went and said she might be chasing this that I had captured only a few minutes before:

How beautiful is this? I don't know if it if dangerous or not. It is about 14" long.

It stopped and looked like it was trying to hide here.

Jim was telling me about the cane cholla cactus. These will blossom in to different colors, could be pink or purple or yellow. We shall see!

Then he told me about kissing bugs. Yikes! Some years, May & June, you have to keep your windows closed as kissing bugs will get in and BITE! They are about 3/4" long and anesthetize you and bite you and suck your blood. They breed in pack rat nests and come out and get in your house. Jim is allergic to them he found, when he got bit on his arm and his foot and they swelled up. Oh JOY!!!

But I digressed... The jack hammer noise? It is these woodpeckers pecking on my satellite dish! I didn't even know I had one but when I walked back far enough I could see it up on the roof. I snapped this Gila woodpecker on the Ocotillo.

They also get in to the hummingbirds sugar water:

I love watching these lil ground squirrels flit about, in and out of their 'caves', tumbling with each other amongst the birds eating on the ground.