Yes, I said that incorrectly like Effi from 'Wogs at Work', a play I saw years ago in Australia.

I worked the 3 hours at Coldwell Banker, they weren't so well organized, I sat a twiddled my thumbs a lot. Tina flits around so much it is hard to follow her. I'd rather be taught by Pam.

I reminded them of the time I am having off at the of May and asked them to work out who is working what and if they need me to stand in for one of them before and after the time I am away to let me know ASAP, so I can let the 2nd job know when I am not available. Pam is having next Thursday, Friday and Monday off to visit her S.O. who is in California at truck driving school. As Kathleen isn't arriving until Friday afternoon now, I volunteered to work all of Thursday and half of Friday. I will see what Kathleen has in mind, might work Monday if she has planned to visit somebody else that day.

Then I grabbed some rolled tacos and drove to Labcorp to do my drug test. Well, I didn't have enough pee in me did I? So, I had to go in and drink some water and wait, and wait, and wait.... There was only one person manning the lab doing everything. All the seats were filled and she had to come in a look at me and say 'Let me know when you are ready to give another specimen!' I replied, 'Could you shout it a bit louder, I'm sure they didn't hear you outside.' She looked a bit sheepish. I sat there for 1.75 hours and then hoped I had enough for the test.

I had to, if I left to come back tomorrow it would have been noted as a 'refusal to do drug test' and I would have had to call the employer back and explain the whole situation and asking them to put in another request. Didn't want THAT to happen! I said I was going to stand outside for a few mins. to thaw out, she said if I went out the front door it would be noted as a 'refusal to do drug test'... Wonderful! I said I am freezing my ass off in the waiting room, she said she would adjust it. I don't think she did, being cold sure doesn't make me want to go pee!

The room was finally cleared bar 1 other person, including a loudly wailing baby which totally got on my wick and it's Mom was yakking on her cell phone even though there was a sign saying not to, I said I would try again and hoped for the best. Success! Phew...

Got home and the temp agency had called in the morning, I call back but the gal was gone. I've got enough work until I start the new job, thank you very much. The other gal there has told me they had nothing for a couple of weeks and then I was unavailable with my friend visiting. Whatever!

I got 4 letters from Unemployment Insurance office today. One is a 'certification of understanding' that I have to sign and send back or my request for benefits could be denied. Another one said 'Benefits cannot be paid at this time because of your voluntary quit. Answer the questions below in detail and return this form...' Another one was a Wage Statement showing I earned enough to get Unemployment Insurance and the last one said I can no longer do my weekly claim through TIPS the phone system, I filed online dumb bunnies!

I am supposed to do the Software testing this afternoon as I didn't get to it yesterday afternoon, but I don't want to! So there. Maybe tomorrow, but it is a weekend day for me, I am lying in and then going to the movies. Maybe I will feel like it in the afternoon, maybe not. But I work on Saturday and Sunday, Monday sounds good... I'll get my abode cleaned up for Kathleen's visit Mon-Wed.

I did get my last pay slip, it shows I got paid 13.67 hours of the 15.75 hours OT I recorded and they got notice of on the Wed. before my last day. I don't think they even saw the other 3 hours I recorded on the Friday morning, those would have been a double time. I think I have to call them. So I don't know what the heck they are talking about, not having paid me because I took PTO in the same pay period, they did pay most of the OT.

I'm beat and confused...