has just begun.

Here are some samples:

Flowers on a Englemans Hedgehog cactus

There are buds on this one:

There are lots of flowers on this one:

This plant turned completely black during the freeze, they cut it down and it's baa-acck! What is it?

I went to check on the eggs this morning before I went to work and this is what I found. Most of them are gone:

I don't know what attacked them. The rest will probably be like this tomorrow. Many have been destroyed before they could live:

Really disturbed me, but that is nature.

Just as well they haven't cut down this mesquite tree as it has come back. It shades the front of my place from the setting sun.

Look at the beautiful new growth on this prickly pear cactus:

and on this one. I shall take more photos as they develop.