I was on the potty and couldn't get to the phone fast enough:

Hi Summer it's Andrew calling from .... I did hear back today from Pamela and I do have some really good news for you. So if you could give me just a call back when you get this message. I'll be leaving the office shortly but I'll be in tomorrow and again my number is .... Thanks

I did have a gal email me yesterday from another employment agency, she wanted to discuss my qualifications. I finally connected with her this afternoon. She asked what sort of $ I want, it is hard to say as I know Tucson's pay is somewhat woeful, I can't ask for too much, but I don't want to sell myself short. The amount I told her, she said I know you are worth that but... She has part time job even further from home than the job above. I said I would consider it a couple of days a week. It is M-F 8-1 or 1-5. Not worth $30+ a week in gas I'm afraid.

I ended up doing quite a bit of work today despite it being my weekend. I finally got the online registration form sent for the above job after the 5th attempt over 3 days. I had taken screenshots of everything this time in case it didn't go again, I was going to email it to them. I also got some good reading in, a lil cool today to have both doors open, just had the back door open and I was able to sit around in shorts, t-shirt and bare feet.

I reveled in the peace and beauty of my surroundings... Said hi to a coyote, it didn't stick around.

Tomorrow is 10am-1pm at the realtor's office. I will do some online testing for the agency that called me today, in the afternoon. Thursday is 10am-1pm in the realtor's office, then who knows what in the afternoon. Friday I am taking myself to a noon movie 'The Quartet' with Maggie Smith and Billy Connelly. The gal I had lunch with last week recommended it, sounds good!