from the recruiter, he said Pam 2 is really interested in me and just needs to talk to her boss to get the hiring process going. It will pay $7 an hour more than the realtor job.

Between the 2 jobs the $ will pay for half of my bills, this will work fine tax wise for this year. Don't want to earn too much so I don't have to pay any more tax on the retirement funds.

So I can relax for awhile, will still keep my eyes/ears open for other full time opportunities towards the end of the year.

I called the temp office and as I suspected, they don't have any work for me this week. I won't be prompting them any more, they can call me.

Tomorrow will be a weekend day, I'll go in to the realtors office Wed. & Thurs. for 3 hours, 10-1. Pam 1 said folks were happy with what I did for them on Saturday. She will teach me more stuff and I should be ok on my own next weekend.