Had the 8am interview for the per diem job within the in house medical clinic at Raytheon. It did take 45 mins. to get there, I allowed an hour, took a few mins. for the car inspection.

Pam 2 (Pam 1 is my boss at the realtor's office) is early 40s, commutes 1.5 hours each way. Started out as per diem when they first moved to Tucson, but she loves the job, is a registered nurse.

Sounds easy enough, reception, lots of phone calls re appointments. They have 2 per diems at the moment, one is working full time as one of the 2 full time front desk admins is out on personal leave and may not come back. That full time job would be open to the per diems if she doesn't come back. I'm ok with the per diem job for a while, averages 3 - 5 days a month, more in the summer months. I can turn down shifts that don't work for me, so it won't interrupt the realtor job at all.

All in the clinic are on a contract with Raytheon that ends in 2 years, they assume it will be renewed, but one never knows!

She was talking as if I have the job. I will know later today. The background check will take a while, as in 2-3 weeks, as VA is difficult and then there is Australia.

Stopped in on the way home and got a nice 'n short hair cut, spikey and fun! It will last 6 weeks. Feels GOOD!

Just got off of the phone from payroll as I didn't get any of my overtime paid. It seems because I had time off, 2.5 days, in that pay period they will not pay the overtime. Rachel has to call them to confirm it. That really sucks if that was the case, I was encouraged to take time off, to make sure I recorded all my extra hours and got paid for them and now it seems I won't.

Gotta call the temp agency to see if there is any work this week, then I will go food shopping, then call Pam 1 to say when I can come in to make up my 6 hours lost from Sunday.

Hope you are having a great day!