A poor boy on the Louisville basketball team, Kevin Ware, has badly broken his leg. I did not see it when it happened, was channel surfing, but came back to almost everybody in the stadium in tears in utter silence.

I did a search on Google and there was already a Youtube video of the incident. He landed and his right lower leg just snapped backwards and it was dangling. Horrifying to see, the team on the side all collapsed at the sight. They covered him up as fast as they could, he was obviously in agony and had let out agonized cries. The game was stopped for 8 minutes while they took care of him and got him on a stretcher and in to an ambulance. At half time his team is ahead. It can only be hoped he can be repaired and he will still have a basketball career. Heart wrenching... But it was so very heart warming to see the outpouring of support for this young man.

On another subject...

The more I think about it, the more I am annoyed that the realtor's office is messing with me. I am trying to do the right thing, thinking if I get the other part time job that I could be messing with them, hoping I get the 2nd job but afraid the two jobs may clash. They decided to close the office today, first time ever, for Easter, and asked me to make up the 6 hours by coming in during the week. I have said I will, will let them know what days I can come in by tomorrow afternoon, hoping that the temp agency will actually have some work for me next week. I don't know if they can tell me tomorrow.

If I don't know by 4pm I will call Pam and tell her when I will come in during the week but hope they can be flexible if I cannot come in on the exact days/times I suggest at that time as I have to earn some more $ temping if the temp agency calls with work at another time during the week. Temp jobs will pay $10-15 an hour, more than the $9 an hour the realtor is giving me. Wages are so bad here in AZ. AZ has the 2nd lowest unemployment benefits in the country, only behind Mississippi by a few $. Anyway, it is all better than nothing and it's best that I have a job while I am searching for more work, that always looks better.

I joined LinkedIn and then a group for unemployed people in Tucson. The competition is fierce in all fields it seems. The articles they send you that analyze the ass out of resume writing and why you might not get a job etc., is out of control IMHO. No wonder I see families on House Hunters opting out of living in this country, going somewhere where life is simple, no pressure on 'being the best' in every damn facet of life. Honestly I am so over that and don't want to be involved in it either. I've never been competitive and err on the side of lazy, but I work to the best of my ability and have never got a bad review.

Having worked for 41 years now I do want an easier job, no more high pressure, fast paced, stressful job for me. I am not going to change my resume, its worked for me fine so far, the latest people that have seen it say I have got the skills. It is not so much about working on projects and getting amazing outcomes in my field of work anyway. Going through the goals process was a joke for an administrative assistant for that very reason. I had to measure things like putting the invoices in to the systems correctly 100% of the time. Well, of course I am going to try to do that but I am only human and make the occasional error and if they want to 'write me up' for that, so be it.

So I would be quite happy working 2-3 easy jobs, but is it going to pay my bills? Not likely, I'll need to supplement with my retirement funds. Anyway, it is all out of my hands, I'll get what jobs I am meant to have, I am grateful to get whatever $ I do, I am grateful I do have funds to back me up, I am grateful for everything I have (really, I have everything I need), when thoughts sneak it about what I might not be able to have or do, I stop them immediately and say thanks for what I do have, I AM very fortunate. Thank you Universe!

Louisville is still ahead in this game, just, I hope they win this game for Kevin, it would be the best thing for him and the team and everybody concerned. GO LOUISVILLE and heal well Kevin!!!