I've got the perfect tenant in my San Diego condo on paper. The best credit and he earns 2.5 times the rent. In the military so if they are lax with the rent you can report them to their boss, and they are setting up an automatic payment. They move in on the 1st.

They have said they love it and want to stay 3 years, we shall see!

That's a load off my mind, my biggest bill is taken care of yet again.

Today was busy at work, had to call the gals a couple of times with dilemmas, but got them sorted out with the help of an agent in the office, Evan, too, who used to be a manager in a realtor's office. He is a really fun guy, was singing 'Feelings...' over and over again. We were cracking up.

I came home and conked out on the chaise for 2 hours.

Time for some cheese on an English muffin...