After 4.5 hours sleep and a lot of reading, I got out of bed at 10am to have my weekend breakfast today, good ole bacon 'n eggs.

Spent most of the day cleaning and moving furniture in prep for Kathleen's visit and the hotter months of the year. I got the litter box out of the guest bedroom closet and back in to the cupboard in the laundry room. The nights are warm enough, high 40s/low 50s, have the laundry room door ajar for the cats to get in and out. It has a permanent open vent in there so it can get damn cold in winter and I can't have the furnace fighting that chill.

My home office is now in the guest bedroom. Had to slide a bookcase down right against the closet door, to slip the rolling filing cabinet with the printer on it next to that. Was still able to fit a spare dining chair there. It had a blanket hung over the top and Kaiya slept on the pad of the chair at night leaning against the blanker. It was HAIRY! Vacuumed off a lot of hair and will wash the blanket for Kathleen to use. The bed has a support pole underneath in the middle that got bent when the bed was slid over. I got down on the floor and squeezed myself under there as much as I could and could just grasp it but didn't have the might to pull it to straighten it. I need somebody to lift the bed while I crawl under and straighten, Kathleen will have to earn her keep.

She's got some hanging space in the closet now. I'll put up some artwork during the week and wash the comforter cover, leave the comforter out of it and just drape it over the bed, it might be enough warmth for Kathleen or she can use the blanket too. The door is closed now, keep the cats out of there. I remembered that she will have her 2 cats with her, Hyacinth and Rose, she can't keep them locked up in her small RV, she can bring them in if she wants, keep them closed in there though. She left her home that she shared with her soon to be ex-husband for 2 years, for the last time on Wednesday (not sure if he is still living there or if it is empty to be sold) and loaded up the RV and hit the road. I think she is arriving here on the 10th. She is blogging, you can imagine the emotions that are flowing through her these days. I'm really looking forward to seeing her. We can console each other in our major life challenges.

Look at what I found today. I heard a lot of chirping near the front door, went out and it stopped of course, then I went to water the palm in the pot. I have to be careful how I water now. Must be 15 of them. I moved the one over by itself with the others. I wonder what is in them?

Here are some shots of the new furniture arrangement. I moved the dining table towards the back window, it can be pulled out in the middle when I have guests to enjoy the view while dining.

The major sitting room, hate that view in to the laundry room, I would have made the door open in to the laundry room, not out in to the living space. I was going to move the display cabinet over by the front door, had the double recliner on the way to that space when I decided to leave it where it is. I walk around it to my bedroom and I can leave the bedroom door open without a major view in to the bedroom.

The cupboard near the front door lost it's little lamp, it is now next to the chaise and it moved a little to the right. Still need to find something to put in the strawberry pot I decoupaged.

A long view to the back window, you can see where the chaise is in relation to it.

and you see the view from my chaise. HEAVENLY!!!

Here is the messy part behind the TV, I'm glad the cats can't get up on the drawers and media cabinet to mess with the blinds now. I'll think of other ways to disguise the wires. The tripod is ready for the camera to be put back on it.

I sneak around to the left to get in to the bedroom, quite clever hey? Who says furniture has to be against walls?

Pam from the realtor's office called this morning and said that the office will be closed on Sunday and that I should come in during the week to do my 6 hours to train with her. I said I would call her Monday and tell her what days work for me, I am hoping I will get a bit of temp work during the week. I did email the hysterically enthusiastic lady my availability until the end of May, let's see if she delivers.