I told you that the branch manager at the temp agency is hysterically enthusiastic.

She called me at 7:30pm last night. 'I've got a client who called and said the current person isn't working out. I thought of you immediately. Can you work tomorrow?'

I said 'Unfortunately not, I have to go to my weekend job to test my new access to systems, do my time recording and do some more training.' She said 'How long that will that take?' I said I am going at 10, will be there 2-3 hours.' 'Oh, ok.' 'Sorry, But, thanks for thinking about me...' I know it sounds weird but I'm not ready for temping just yet. Next week, if there is a 2-3 day job, I'd do it. I would like a few days off with Kathleen here and I want to see how the other temp job interview goes, get an idea of the average schedule for that job.

Just got a call from my property manager, they are having 7, yes 7 showings of my condo today. Some high ranking military families which are good. He expects to have somebody signed up out of these and will call me tomorrow with the good news. I suggested a 2 year lease, he said if we lock them in we can't raise the rent. I replied but if they move out I am out month's rent finding somebody else for the next lease, I'd rather have a 2 year lease. Please, Please, PLEASE!!!

Have a fun day!