not working. Well, the emotion behind the worry about paying bills is exhausting.

I woke at 5:30 instead of 4am, that was nice, read for a while, pedaled on the ACTIVcycle for a half hour while reading with the morning sun streaming in on me. Then back to bed til 9am. Had a shower and some breakfast before heading over to Office Team. Took a full 40 mins to get there. The gal I was supposed to see had gone out to lunch with her son who dropped in unannounced, so I saw the branch manager instead, after completing the customary paperwork. She was hysterically enthusiastic about me and my skills and said she will have me working next week. I'll believe it when I see it.

Then on to Neo Melaka to meet Bernadette from Toronto for lunch. I got there a half hour early and was starving so I ordered some spring rolls, she arrived just as I started to eat them. She enjoyed one of them. Then we enjoyed our entrees/main courses and shared banana fritters. She was very talkative, I didn't need to say much. We got along fine. I envy her retirement, traveling wherever, whenever she wants. She'll be back next year, I'm sure we will get together again. She said I look much younger in person than my pic, that I should nuke my current pic, which is the one I have here. I thought it was a good one of me.

While I was out I got a call from the company that did the phone interview for the Wellness Clinic within Raytheon, last week. He set up an interview for me for 8am Monday morning. Their 'campus' is about as far away from home as you can get within Tucson, it will be a 40 min. trip non-rush hour. This job is the per diem, so will only be a day or two a week (or less), so I could manage that, the pay is much better than the weekend job but that will go towards gas. I'll check it out, if I really like the facility and people and they want me, I will take it.

Tomorrow at 10am is some time in at the realtor's office to record time and learn some more. Then in the afternoon I'll get the 'crickets under the car hood/bonnet' checked out, do an oil change too, to have the car ship shape for Kathleen's visit and possible 42 mile round trip (mostly on the one and only freeway) commute to Raytheon. Might get a haircut on Friday in the afternoon and relax before the weekend job. Oh yeah, I was gonna clean and rearrange furniture wasn't I? If I don't get a call for temp work next week I shall do that Monday or Tuesday.

I need a nap...