with my refinancing of the condo.

I got an email saying my current mortgage company has not supplied the new mortgage company with some information, that I was supposed to do a conference call with them and somebody else to get them to furnish the information over the phone NOW. My current mortgage will not do the conference call.

I asked the new mortgage company if there is anything else holding up the loan and asked if they are going to do more employment checks. He replied they haven't heard from my landlord to confirm that I am paying my rent on time, he asked for my landlords information 2 weeks ago and they are telling me this NOW? And he said they will be checking my employment a few more times.

I replied 'Well, guess what? I lost my job last Friday, so the whole transaction is now canceled.'

Probably rash of me but I am at my wits end. I hope they don't tell my current mortgage company or I am majorly screwed. But surely they can't cancel my mortgage unless I am delinquent with my payments and I have no intention of being unless I can't get a tenant in there soon...

My property manager had some showings of the condo on the weekend, I had emailed him first thing Monday asking for an update. I just called him and asked for said update as he did not reply to my email. He said all the applicants are failing. He has a couple more viewings set up this week. I asked if we need to lower the price, he said he has, he emailed me to that effect last week. I said I do not have such an email. I was trying not to lose it, had to stop speaking for a minute and said I know he is doing what he needs to do, but I am stressed to the max., that I would like more timely updates. He said he would give them, he has said that many times.

I hung up and lost it and bawled for a few minutes to get all the stress out.

I hope the company I did the phone interview with last week call tomorrow and say Raytheon wants to interview me. I am waiting on that one. If I don't get the 2nd part time job I am going to have to look for a full time job but it is kind of hard to do with the NYC trip coming up, am I supposed to cancel that because a prospective employer might not give me that time off?

I did get online looking for phone numbers for unemployment insurance. Arizona site says I have to call on Thursdays as my social security number ends in 0. I tried to find a phone number for VA, tried to call a local county office to ask who I file with, VA or AZ, the phone just rang and rang and rang. The 1-800 number is all automated, no way to talk to a human being.

Really have to do some stress busting things or this is all going to entirely overwhelm me...