Yesterday was a 7 hour day at work. I get a paid half hour break for lunch which is nice. It was a very quiet day, Pam was there before me and we had an hour to kill before Christina, whose position I filled, came in to show me the ropes.

Mind you Pam had already shown me most of it and I had done what I knew before Christina got there, so I nodded a lot. She is very anal, things has to be 'just so'. I was starving by the time she finally left and went and got some rolled tacos with guacamole.

There is a roster for floor agents every day of the month. Every agent in the office, some 60 of them, take turns sitting at a front desk in case somebody walks in off the street wanting to know about a property and they also take any calls that come in of a similar nature. The gal for Sunday morning didn't turn up. They didn't bother to call her to find out where she was, but they should have.

Pam needed to concentrate on some stuff she had to get done as she had today off also. So I went through some of the stuff Christina showed me, and rewrote the notes with my added comments. I got in to MLS (Multi Listing Service) and made a change for Pam, a price drop. The owners came in and signed the document and we changed it on the spot. Have to very careful in there. I will have my own access next weekend. I answered the phone all day, maybe 8 calls. A few agents popped in and out. It is very quiet on the weekends, I thought it would be busier than weekdays, nope!

I completed all the required paperwork on Saturday to give me access to various systems and for my own email, time recording access etc. It seems Pam forgot to do something they were calling me today, wanted a copy of my passport and one of the forms. They wanted me to come in, I said I was going out, I wasn't but I did nothing today, my first day off after working 7 straight, didn't have a shower.

I read from 4am til 4pm, finished a book I started last night. Tomorrow I will have a shower, need to drop the work laptop at a UPS store, I will call about Unemployment Insurance and my insurance company to get them to take my premium payments out of my bank account.

Wednesday morning I shall go the temp agency, check in, see what is happening. I did register and do their testing online. Shouldn't take long to complete forms and let them check me out in person. At 12:30 I am meeting the Canadian Snow Bird, Bernadette, at Neo Malaka for lunch. I went there with Shelley a couple of months ago, definitely wanted to go again. Should be great! Met her through a gal on Muzenews. She drives her RV back to Toronto on the 30th.

Thursday I do have to go in to the office to sign in and do my time recording and put in my banking and tax details to get paid Friday of next week. I'll say hi to Jim again. He replied to the email I sent this morning with the required scanned documents, that he only heard good things about me from the weekend.

Friday will be cleaning house and rearranging furniture.

I did move from the bed to the back patio to read, I sat out there until I got chilly. Only mid 70s today. The usually bunnies, ground squirrels, and birds kept me amused too. I did try and get some shots, not very successfully unfortunately. I did capture the flowers that have appeared at the top of the Ocotillo.

I also captured some blurry battered bunny ears.

Some new Cholla cactus growth

and lastly a tiny weed, spiny weed. This pic was taken through the mesh that is across my back gate to keep critters out.