Pam was at the office when I got there 10 mins early. It is exactly 10 mins. door to door driving. She'd been there an hour. They are going paperless in the front office so she is catching up putting paper files in to the systems, working 12 hour days. I am going to offer to work more to help her. Can't hurt to offer.

She will be there again today as she had a day off last week and will have another next week. The gal I am replacing is popping in for 2 hours this morning to show me the ropes that Pam has already shown me. Fair enough. I've got a key that I will test this morning to make sure it works so I can open up the office next weekend without a problem.

None of the work is rocket science, quite easy really, I am happy about that. Stress free! Like filling up the machines with paper, filling the bathrooms with a different kind of paper, creating selling and listing packets with lots of paper, making coffee first thing, opening and closing blinds, tidying 2 conference rooms, ordering signs, paying some bills, etc. The phone rang maybe a half dozen times, I just transfer it to voicemails I will have to pop in next week to get my sign in details and record my time to get paid in a couple of weeks.

I did offer to trade days around my vacation time in May, Pam thought that was a great idea. We worked 6 hours yesterday and will work 7 today, the opposite of usual, so we could go home and watch Tucson's basketball team beat Harvard which they did comprehensively. They are in the Sweet 16, Go Wildcats! We were both very tired anyway. I slept til 4:30 this morning, wow! Like 5.5 hours, excellent.

There was Dominos pizza advertised at 50% off during the basketball, so I got two of my fav Cali Bacon Chicken Ranch pizzas for $24 including tip. I will freeze some of it to have later.

I met about a half dozen agents yesterday. One guy was a hoot, we three were having a ball, I fit in JUST fine.