in the end, the last 2 hours anyway. Meg and I were in tears on the phone and then Shirley and I. Shirley, as she does, made it all about her, how Rachel is trying to change her personality. Shirley has a job offer and she is torn between it (working from home) and being tortured by Rachel and being loyal to her staff. I told her to GO FOR IT! I will be mad if she doesn't. She is such a kind hearted person, her staff love her to bits, and Rachel is trying to ruin her.

I tried to get everything done, but in the end just couldn't and said SCREW IT! Packed up laptop without wiping it, it is encrypted so they can't get on it unless they reformat it anyway. Packed up some FedEx envelopes I don't need, expense report envelopes, my 4 year old badge and 6 cut up Amex cards. They got picked up by FedEx, the laptop didn't, guess I have to drop it off at a UPS store. That will be Monday.

I went off to Walmart and got some food for the next 10 days or so. Craved a granola (muesli), got one with oats, honey, raisins and almonds and will have it with vanilla rice milk for breakfast before my new job which starts this morning. I'm a tad fearful, having to learn new things again, but I am determined to make it a fun job. I'll kinda be my own boss, working alone at the desk, opening and closing the office, cool hey? To bad it doesn't pay a few more bucks, but if I prove myself and do something innovative I might get a raise to $10 a hour! LOL

March Madness (NCAA College Basketball tournament) is in full swing. The boys have been at it for 2 days, the girls start today. There have been some major upsets already, usually are, like #1 seeds being beaten by #15 seeds. Tucson's team, U of A are still in it, they should win today, I will miss half of the game being at work, I might be able to sneak a peek at the score. And I also cheering San Diego team, SDSU, on. My friend Dale, in San Diego is a huge fan so I am supporting them. It is usually the same half dozen or so big named colleges who have multi million $ paid coaches that win, but it is still fun.

I keep trying to use this new mini laptop as a Touch Screen, doesn't work, darn it! LOL After turning the pages of People magazine on the Nook Color and via touch and playing Solitaire by touch on the TouchPad and turning pages to read a library e-book on the little Nook by touch, it's kinda weird not to on the laptop screen, but it's got this honkin' keyboard stuck to it. It does have that wonky touch mouse, hate it, so I use the wireless mouse with it most of the time. I am still debating which devices to take with me to NYC. I know we will be wanting to refer to things on the 'net when we were are there. Rob will have his smart phone but the screen is too tiny for 3 to view.

I've been waking up between 2 & 3am everyday, worked 4am to 5:30pm yesterday, missed out on recording 2.75 hours more of overtime, oh well. I won't be able to see if my last pay is right unless they snail mail my last pay stub. I think I have 16.75 hours of OT in the last 2 weeks, 6 of them Thursday night. Those $ will be welcome as there is still no tenant in my condo, nearly 2 months without one. I'm assuming my refinance attempt is going to be thwarted as they will make one last check of my employment and I am no longer employed by HP. So I am thinking HA HA on them for having to do all the work for nothing, but they took so darned long I don't feel sorry for them AT all... dumb asses. I must remember to set up the automatic payment for the old mortgage again.

Hoping your weekends are FAB-u-LOUS!