My gastric band that is. Phew! So no emergency surgery. She asked me if I wanted to come in for a band fill, I said 'No, I am over it.'. I ate the same thing today without a problem, that caused the problem the other night.

6 hours of overtime today, I wanted to clear my plate completely, for tomorrow, but I gave up. Have 1 meeting with my replacement and another gal that is going to teach her something new that I don't know and 2 more hours of training her. I've got to work on a spreadsheet that I hate. Need to go through all my favs and files and send them to my replacement, pack up stuff to send back.

Had the phone interview with a company that provides in house medical facilities for Fortune 100 and 500 companies. The role they are putting me forward for is the floating admin role in a clinic within Raytheon, a large government contractor, the pay is pretty good. I will know by Wed. Of next week if Raytheon wants to interview me.

Next week, my weekend will be Monday/Tuesday. I will rearrange the furniture for summer on Thursday, couches away from window, dining table over there, and move my rolling filing cabinet and printer out of the living room, or maybe behind the TV to block the view of the wires, you will see what I mean when I share pics of the arrangement. The house needs a huge clean too.

Gotta shop for some health insurance, it's the law with Obamacare apparently. Have to transfer my other insurance payments to come out my bank account, I'll lose the company discount, darn.

My bestest friend, Denise fell and broke her foot, she has to stay off it for 6 weeks, her new job is letting her work from home. Her husband was in Chile for 3 weeks just got home last night

Stupid refinance won't get done this week, if they have to check my employment again it won't happen at all.

STILL no tenant in my condo, I am too tired to be upset...