is this morning. The surgeon's office got me in quick. It's at Tucson Medical Center almost downtown, so I am giving myself an hour to get there and sus it out. It's a huge complex, I have no idea where to go. I'll try the parking lot on the opposite site to the emergency entrance first.

Got my Nook loaded and charged up if I have to wait anywhere for long. Got an almond bar so as soon as the test is over I shall be consuming it, I'm hungry!

The surgeon should call me this week. If surgery is on the cards it has to wait until Monday as I start my new weekend job on Saturday at 9am. The other gal has left so Pam is giving up her Saturday to come in and show me the ropes. Should be pretty good, (wo)manning the office on my own. It's right next to Nico's Taco shop, so I shall order up some rolled tacos over the phone and just run over and pick them up for lunch, only $3.15. There is a Greek restaurant no far also. Gonna be weird not sleeping in on a weekend, but I am sure am going to on Monday if I don't have to have surgery.

I got connected to a Canadian gal through Muzenews, who migrates down to Tucson for a few months of the year in her RV. We keep trying to get together but something keeps gets in the way. She leaves on the 30th so next week is our last chance until next season. Hopefully we can meet up for lunch. I had to reschedule the interview for the other part time job, well I let them know I can't do it tomorrow, they have to call me back with a new time. I'll go and see Leona at the temp agency next week also so I have a few things to do in my first week without full time work.

Hope your day is a good one!