I tried to nibble on some chicken tenders last night for dinner and they got stuck. This is the worst reaction I have ever had, 7 hours later and I am still in discomfort and regurgitating, over 15 times now I'd guess. I just tried to drink a bit of water and regurgitated it and some.

I've got to get on to the surgeon's office as soon as it is open and get him to take all the saline out, I've only got 3CCs out of a possible 10CCs in there as it is, not much. He said the last time when he knew I was flying to VA, to come back and let me know how I went. I swelled up two years ago when I flew to Seattle. I didn't fly and something is wrong. He will want to send me for a test where you drink the gunk and they take pics. He will have to use his influence to get me in this week before my insurance is gone. It will probably cost me $100 or $200 with insurance anyway.

I just hope taking the saline out will give me some relief. If the band has slipped it will mean surgery and I won't be able to afford it, plain and simple.

I've emailed Rachel to this effect, saying I will work around it, without any sleep tonight, but I have to get to the surgeon today and possibly have another test this week. Sigh...

I hope your day is better than mine! ;-)

My work laptop must make a very strange knocking noise, it just has to keep working for another 4 days.