hard out there today. Had to close the front door as I was gonna be blown out the back door!

Just took a lil walk around my desert backyard and ran in to neighbor, Jim, he is such a fascinating font of knowledge on nature.
http://www.jimhackley.com/ is his website, his photography is sensational! He has added some shots of his encounter with 3 javelinas, they are sleeping in our mini wash these days. Two young ones were coming at him, he was backing away throwing rocks at them.

He said there were 2 gopher snakes out the front yesterday, one in his yard and on my path, he put them back in the desert. I asked about tarantulas, he says he hasn't seen any for a couple of years. But I should turn on the back light in summer and they might be running around. Wouldn't that be WILD?!?

These are the only 2 photos I took today. This Ocotillo is getting ready to bloom. Look at the pattern on the young branches, isn't it beautiful? It will be covered in red flowers soon, Jim said the Hummingbirds love them. I have two Ocotillos in good view from my back patio so I shall get out there with my tripod and see what I can capture.

You can see the old larger branches behind, they almost look dead, the bark. Look at the nasty thorns, the doves land on these branches all the time, I hope they are a good shot!