of when I speak to the guy who is looking for an assistant at HP in the Herndon, VA office, tomorrow, to offer that he takes me for a 'test drive' for a year as a remote admin. If at the end of the year he decides it doesn't work for him, no problem, I shall slink away...Well, I shall keep looking for another HP role, until I am gone. If it works for him, great!

I'd tell him about my 2nd job and that I'd have to take vacation days when they need me more than the weekend.

Worth a shot! I will know when I am speaking with him whether I want to broach the idea the 'test drive' or not, depending on how we get along on the phone and how much I can tell about his personality. I will ask his current admin before the chat if it is a really stressful role requiring overtime, that will help me decide too.