was spent lolling in bed until just before 10am. Then I got ready to meet Shelley for lunch at ZinBurger. It a specialty burger joint with pretty pricey burgers, the Kobe beef ones are $15. Their beef is ground fresh daily and the burgers are char grilled.

Shelley ordered a chicken breast burger without the bun (harvarti cheese & avocado), I ordered the sweet potato fries for us to share, and a breakfast burger (egg, bacon, cheese and avocado) without the bun. I also ordered a Sour Cherry Margarita. The burger was superb! Well done, char grill flavor, yummo! The fries were wonderful too and the Margarita was interesting.

They also have salads, sides, shakes, floats and pies. I'd love to go again and have a salad, shake and onion rings.
I got there first and got a table outside, it was beautiful in the shade, a slight breeze and WARM. Shelley was kind enough to pay for my meal. I shall return the favor when my job situation has settled down.

When I got home I set about trying to get my internet favorites copied across from the work laptop to this personal laptop. The Easy Transfer thing wouldn't work as I needed to be logged in to the work domain, I couldn't separate the work and personal favorites. I had to think hard of how I could do it, Googled it, entries told me to use an export feature, it is not available on Windows 7 or 8. I was nearly going to ask Jim next door how I could do it, he's an IT guy for U of A. But I tried copying and pasting them to my external drive and then copying to this laptop. It kinda worked, they are in Explorer and I can open them, but I don't know how to add them to Favorites drop down menu.

Then I went and made sure all my other personal files were off the work laptop and on to my personal laptop. I did that while I was looking for a specific photo for my X photo entry and realized that somehow over the last few years and transferring files from work PC to work PC I have lost a lot of photos. Oh well.

I turned on the work laptop once more and made sure that they weren't on it, they weren't. Then I turned it off and unplugged it from the wall by the chaise for the last time. I had a moment of sadness...

Next week is gonna be tough, stress from being overworked (month end, training my replacement, finishing transition documents and packing up stuff to send back) and the emotional side of saying goodbye to team members, some of them I have worked with the full 8 years I had with HP. Then I may be starting my weekend job next Saturday. It will be a total freak if I got the HP job and started on the 25th, I doubt that will happen. Nevertheless, tomorrow is going to be a do nothing day. Total relaxation, I might wander in the desert and take some photos, see if any spring flowers are popping up.