just after 12:45. It was 86F and nobody was there. Ahhhhhhhhh

15 mins. in comes the LOUD Canadian, and I thought only Americans were supposed to be loud. LOL I was doing backstroke and she wanted to tell me about the side effects of her chemo drug, I said I'm sorry but I can't hear you with my ears under the water. She stopped talking and got out and read.

Then came a guy around my age, had a quick dip and got out and read.

I finished my laps and got out and read.

Then comes grandma, grandpa, daughter and her two kids about 4 and 6. Quite the racket.

G-ma & G-pa were taking turns listening to the loud Canadians chemo woes.

Then came the octogenarian lady that had just played some golf, it got awfully hot she told me but she played well. She always wants to talk even though I am clearly trying to read.

I gave up and came home after an hour, I have quite the glow going on.

After visiting a health insurance website last weekend. I am being inundated with 1 800 calls, at least a half dozen a day. There is always a delay to them speaking, I wait longer, when they ask for me I hang up. Sometimes I let it ring and it stops after 3, they never leave a message.

The interview for Monday for the per diem job locally has now been moved to Wednesday, he left a message so I called him back. He did explain per diem, it is on call, no set day or hours, could be no work one week and 4 days the next. That would work with the current weekend job I have. It will be an interesting crazy week next week.

I need a nap... U of A is playing tonight at 6pm, Semi-Final.