Got an email from an admin saying a guy is looking for an Executive Assistant in Herndon VA.

I thought what the heck, I would email him and see if he would consider a remote admin.

He replied and said he would prefer a local admin but would talk with me later today or on Monday.

I sent an email to my previous manager and asked if she would put in a good word for me. She sent him an email and a few mins. later I got a meeting invite from him for Monday afternoon to discuss the role.

Could I be 'rescued' at the 11th hour?!?

Meanwhile, Coldwell Banker are getting the background check on me done. I've also got a phone interview with a company that is looking for a floating admin Monday to Friday in a clinic. That would fit in nicely with the weekend job. Two part time jobs would be great.

But if I get the HP job, I'd still work the weekend job for a while, as long as I could. HP job would be working 5:30am-2:30pm, so there is plenty of leisure time in the afternoon/evening. If the weekend job needs me on some holidays I could take a vacation day from HP job, same if the weekend job needed me to fill in for somebody on vacation. I have no vacation plans after the NYC trip.

I've got the retirement funds in the bank as a loan, if the HP job happens I'd ask if I can give the $ back without penalty OR I could pay off my loan consolidation loan and the money that was going towards that would be put in to savings and used for emergencies and when it reaches a certain amount I would add it to a retirement account that I have separate from HP's. I'd be taxed up the wazoo next year for all this income but what the heck, will be sooooo worth it!

Whatever happens, I will be fine...