spent 1.5 hours with the dude and parted with $247 for the pleasure. A lil cheaper than last year.

With depreciation on my condo I made a loss so I don't even have to file a California tax return, that took the longest time to figure out.

I got $437 back from Federal and am paying AZ $131, after paying to have my taxes done I come out about $80 ahead. Good enough, I hoped I'd break even.

I told him I got access to some of my retirement funds, he swears what the lady at Fidelity told is wrong, I will be penalized 10% because I am under 59.5 years old. I'll try and keep that and the 20% I may owe in tax on it next year... if I can.

It's 85F/28C going on 88F/29C, all the windows are open with a slight breeze. I'm watching basketball all day, well I'll look and see if there are any new jobs posted to apply for. Tomorrow I shall go for a swim, will be 91F/30C. PERFECT!!!

So, you non-working folks, just curious, do you find it is best to have some sort of daily routine (like what?), or just wing it?

My car, it sounds like there is a herd of chirping crickets under the hood/bonnet. I'll go and get it checked out after I finish work, on the 25th, need it is good working order for Kathleen's visit from April 12th. She was going to fly in from Seattle but now she is driving her van, so no convertible Mustang for us. She said she will pay for the gas if I drive for whatever outings we do and will buy me lunch or dinner daily for her accommodation here. She can stay as long as she likes, she has a few folks to visit here and in Phoenix, I will give her a key so she can come and go as she pleases on the weekend. She loves cats, has 2 of her own. It will be nice to have some company for a while.