is just so durned cute! It has the built in webcam, speakers and mic, a SD slot to download pics from cameras, 3 USB ports, everything the work laptop has so I am good to go!

I wanted to add a pic of it but I do it through Flickr and it is not allowing uploading right now, says it is running so hot. Popularity breeds contempt, huh? It is not glossy inside, well around the screen is, but not the keyboard, so it won't get all smudgy. The outside top has a nice pattern on it, rubbery finish not glossy.

I am having a BALL playing with it already. I opened up my work account for where there is online training and am going through some Windows 8 training. The first shows you how to move files from one laptop to another which is just what I need right now. Guess I will do that next. I can move my Favorites across which is excellent.

Love the keyboard, sure doesn't feel any smaller than the other one. It is really snappy, the mouse is a rectangle at the front that looks like braille. I will use my wireless mouse some but this one doesn't jerk around like the work laptop, though it has the same feature I guess it is turned off right now and I am going to leave it off. This laptop (notebook) is quite small, I have to adjust the text so I can see things better.

Glad I got it fast so I can have my long weekend to get it all up and running, get all the personal stuff off of the work laptop while I am watching all the basketball so my time won't be completely wasted. Hell it won't be wasted at all I LOVE watching the basketball.

Rachel did say it looks like my replacement will start next Monday so I will probably go hoarse showing her everything. Only 7 more days of her demanding self! I realized that I am due an extra week's pay, that helps. Just need a tenant in the condo real soon and I will feel all tidied up financially. Just have to be extra tight. I'll manage, I am very grateful for all that I have!