I called Pam at Coldwell Banker to ask her what the hours are, 9-4 on Saturday, 10-4 on Sunday, 9-4 on Holidays. I also asked if I would be opening the office on those days, yes, I would.

Then I told her, if I am still in the running, about my vacation plans at the end of May. Includes 3 weekend days and a holiday unfortunately. She said she would let Jim know, and that 'We can work things out...'

So it seems I am still in the running and it sounds encouraging. Not as many hours as I thought, but it is better than nothing. I'd really like just to work part time until after the NYC vacation, so I can have 3 days off with Kathleen next month, and then get a full time job. Of course University kids are out of school then and looking for work too...

We shall see!

Hope you are having great days!

Ooooh, my new laptop should arrive today, I shall play with it after work, only going to do a couple of hours OT today. No sign of my replacement starting next Monday, the background check takes a long time. I would love for her to be here and I'd load her up and hopefully Rachel leaves me ALONE that week so I can finish up.