to do my taxes by myself again. The way I did it I owe over $400. I hope not...

I don't trust myself, don't really know what I am doing, so I booked an appt. with H&R Block down the road with George Ayola who 'likes to help people to reduce their tax liability'. Hopefully they will be less expensive than last years. I thought I'd try an accountant in sleepy lil Catalina, nearly $300 later. The guy felt bad, it was their minimum charge and it didn't do enough to justify it.

Next year is going to be worse with cashing out retirement funds, losing my job, maybe getting Unemployment Insurance, making a profit on my condo in San Diego (presuming I get another tenant in soon). Again, I won't have a clue how to do my taxes.

I do hope I get the local part time job and that's all this year, it will keep my tax bill lower for next year. Right now I owe $4K on that retirement money. Have to keep that in my savings account just in case. This is all presuming I won't get Unemployment Insurance. I'm so confused!

So this week I work Monday to Wednesday, long days I expect. Then get my taxes done Thursday morning and then enjoy PAC12 Men's College Basketball Tournament til Sunday. The local team U of A (University of Arizona) Wildcats are seeded 4th, but their overall record for the season is 2nd. There are these smaller tournaments going on all over the country in different regions, they will make a bearing on the seeds in the NCAA March Madness Tournament to finish the season. Go Wildcats!