It's a dismal day here, top of 55F with rain. I was gonna stay in bed all day but then I remembered there is a PAC12 (tournament leading to March Madness) basketball game at 2pm. Been awake since 3am, read a lot, finished one book and started another. Ketley was a lil darling all morning, she just wanted to loll with me, asking for a lot of attention, lying on my chest, in my face quite a few times. She is really a sweetheart, just has her insane/destructive moments, hopefully they will dissipate soon.

I forgot to tell Pam at the interview about my NYC trip at the end of May. I will give her a call and let her know on Monday, suggest I do some day swaps with her and Tina to cover it. Then it will be endless. I could do that job while looking for full time work, but occasional temping or another part time job would be wonderful. Trying to keep the rest of my working life as stress free as possible. Been there done that. I've got everything I need just need to pay the bills and have some road trips and I'll be content.

Realize if I am not working for a while I gotta get some routine happening. Still have 2 days of lolling, but get up by 8am other days, start with some yoga or Tai Chi or something to get me going.

Lovin' the Cheddar Cheese rice cakes as low cal snack. Frys/Kroger brand $2 for a bag for 4 snacks of 3.5 cakes, just under 150 cals. Crunchy, tasty and filling.

Walmart has run dry of Dark Cherry Propel water again. They have filled the shelves with something else. Got some of their brand Cherry/Lime lo-cal sachets of flavor. Have aspartame in them unfortunately, I'll have a better look at the other brands next time if there is still no Propel, to see if there are any naturally sweetened ones.

Had bacon 'n eggs for b'fast this morning, gonna have toasted cheese 'n onion sandwiches for basketball viewing and if I get hungry again, rice cakes and Lil Cuties (easily peelable mandarins/tangerines).

Hope you are having a swell weekend!