I think, but one never knows.

The realtor office has 65 agents in it. The manager, Jim, seems really nice, he basically talked to me the whole time, I did a little interjecting, he knows I am more than qualified. He said Coldwell Banker is one of the best companies to work for in the U.S. They are very generous with days off for full time staff. He says the agents can be temperamental, you know when they think a deal is in the bag and then it falls through stuff, no biggie.

Then he passed me to Pam, we clicked immediately. She's in her early 50s, the office manager. She understood that I want to wind down now with work. She said she'd train me in the systems, they are going paperless soon. The job won't be just weekends, it will be a few holidays a year and as a stand in when she or her sidekick, Tina, go on vacation. So I could earn like $10K a year! LOL

She said Jim is the best manager she has ever had. They both said they'll be making a decision by the end of next week. I said I could start as soon as they need me. All sounds really appealing to me now. A simple life.