-- The last name never changes.
-- The garage is all of them.
-- The plans are made pro marriage.
-- Chocolate is just another snack.
-- Do not have babies.
-- They can wear a white t-shirt to a water park. In fact,
can not take t-shirt.
-- The mechanics speak with them so normal and not as if they were
mentally delayed.
-- Never have to go looking for another house because of the first bath
is dirty.
-- Even jobs, better pay.
-- Dress the bride more expensive than the blaiser.
-- The wrinkles and grey hair to give them style.
-- The new shoes do not cause blisters or hitting the feet.
-- They are always the same provision.
-- The telephone conversations only last 30 seconds.
-- For a vacation of 5 days need only a suitcase.
-- They all open bottles without help.
-- Acting without thinking is well seen.
-- The underwear is much cheaper.
-- Never have problems with the handles of soutien.
-- Are unable to see that clothing is not happening.
-- The same style of hair is in fashion for decades.
-- Only if they have to worry about those of the face.
-- Do not cry for being fat.
-- Only need a pair of shoes.
-- They can get the nails with an army knife.
-- Do not hurt if they have moustache.
-- Christmas shopping in 25 minutes, on 24.