It can be said that the great difficulty of shooting the birth of the Sun is to be agreed when that happens. But despite the difficulty, the reward is enormous. Feel the energy of the first solar rays that reach the earth is a unique experience. As the photo itself, here's some tips that can be applied in other types of photos also:

1. Align the horizon
It may be silly, but what the majority forgets is to leave the horizon in the horizontal. Generally is tilted giving the impression that everything in the photo is falling.

2. Before the sun rise
The sky is a very vibrant orange seconds before sun rise. Many tones which can not pass unnoticed, find a reason - tree, people, home - and fotografe the sky at dawn.

3. Plan your scene
Frames with existing objects are always very pretty. I especially like to compose a picture with trees in the corners and people moving as a reason they leave silhuetas and interesting.

4. Enjoy the moment
Feel really the power of the sun itself. Look how the circle of the sun rises fast on the horizon and how to bring life to the land. But take care of the eyes, do not delay to injure the inside of your eyes.