it has been a fairly unsettled few days since flickr changed,it was one of my favorate sites,even more so than DOA,i dont visit many websites on my home computer,but flickr was always one of the first i clicked on,now i find i am only on there for about 15 minutes per day,a brief click to scan through and then i carnt be bothered,how sad :(

Still in the last 4 days many of my friends have created an ipernity account,and even though it will take a little time i am sure more and more of us will spend time on here creating the same community spirit that we once had on flickr that has now been dispearsed into two,i bet if we all pull together and create our groups that once were on flickr ,then this can be a fine place to hang out,

i really love the layout,so much white again! :)
and i do love some of the new features here,like being able to create small blogs to read,and knowing when someone is online,and being able to post links to shop sales wihtout getting in trouble,yeah!so once newer pictures start appearing on here(as most of us are uploading the same old pictures that were on our flickr) im positive they will get as many views and favorates as before,it just takes a little time,

so even though im a little sad of the new flickr,(im getting old lol,at 34 i like routine and not fond of change)i think it will be ok,plus it is really poor how flickr has handled everyones complaints,this is what annoys me the most,it shows how much they really dont care,the petition i signed has since been abandoned and the user banned,they treat their customers very poorly,and i think its shocking!

on a different subject,it is a sunny bank holiday monday here in the uk,i will be uploading new pictures here today,new yosd dress for shop,and fingers crossed customs let go of my new girl so she arrives tommorrow,pleeeeease!!!!