I'm sure it's obvious, but I'm new around here. :) I'm another of those escapees from Flickr who was looking for a new home. I'm going to miss the community of Flickr, sure, but I hope that posting over here will give me the new start I was looking for, anyway.

Most of my photos are not going to be earth-shatteringly wonderful and my most common camera of use is my iPhone (best camera who own is the one who have with you, right?). I do have an SLR which I dig out every now and then, mostly when we travel or go into the city (Washington DC, that is) for an afternoon. I should really know how to use it now but I'm still clinging to my auto-focus due to a pure lack of desire to slow down enough to focus my photos manually.

I will be flooding your streams with photos for the next little while as I work to move most (but not all) of my photos over here from Flickr. I'll probably stick up another article when I'm ready to officially open my stream with new photos.