Ii hadn't planned on writing in ipernity, because the photos I have been uploading are mainly of houses and buildings in Switzerland. As I am neither an architect, builder, nor urban planner, what can I write about these topics.

But, then again I sometimes wonder, for example how other people feel about how they observe things, why they choose one subject and not another. Some people may think picutres of old houses are boring, cold or such. It's something I feel like chronicalling (does that word exist?), because my main interests are in other accounts. About subjects I can write or comment about, or report on.

One of my earliest "visitors" in the ipernity account commented that my picutres looked "quiet". Did I choose quiet places, or did that acccount visitor get the impression. Or did I really choose a quiet place to take photos. The truth is probably "somewhere in between". The old houses which started me on my photo safaris looking for interesting old houses are in a small town, and the streets are practically deserted on a Sunday = the day I chose to take the pictures -.

After taking the photographs I now realize that I now appreciate this town more than before. And the small pond behind the houses, is it really a "magical" place? For me yes. Can this be transmitted via simple, badly taken photographs ?

Another thing which started my ponderings was the fact that that old town I love so much was only ranked about 47 (or something like that) in the Swiss town/city ranking. And in such a small (sorry, but it's true) country, that ranking is NO-O-O T good).

So, obviously people observe things differently. and, is that all there is to it ? Yawn ...

Oh, well ...