Well ... this past thursday, we had our first load of sheetrock delivered !  :- ) SOME of it is already up !  ;- )  

Yesterday (Saturday) Mr. EARNIE SANDS (II) was kind enough to come spend some time with us.  He got a BUNCH of work done! THANK YOU ! !

Our deepest thanks to all of you who have put forth such great efforts and have taken time and money away from your families and friends to help a bunch of old Vets!  Our wonderful C F C contributors who have literally kept our doors open (!), th' wonderful folks at Vinson & Elkins, LLP who went WAY above and beyond to help us even get this house (!!), our wonderful Coast Guard volunteers and their wonderful friends who have volunteered their time and efforts, Habitat for Humanity, Houston for their donations of materials, Marcel & Mary Barone, Mr. Terry Swanson, Home Depot  ...
WHEW !   All of a sudden ... there's just so many folks to be thankful TO !

I don't care if you don't know a hammer from a saw or a nail from a screw ... it still cost you time and GAS to get here or it cost you to donate! I don't care if you can just offer to ... push a broom ... or move a board from this room to that ... or answer a phone or just bring water ...

                                THANK YOU ! !

Please bear with us ... we are a bit snowed under at the moment but, A S A P,
we'll have more pictures posted of what your efforts and donated monies and materials
are accomplishing.