Around 23 July, we received a $1,000 Home Depot gift card from Mr. Terry Swanson of the Georgetown, TEXAS area! It has already purchased approximately $300 in electrical materials!

W O W !     THANK YOU!


Yesterday (31 July), we had a delivery of 46 sheets of sheet rock & 2 boxes of srews thanks to Mr & Mrs Marcel Barone of BARONE INTEREST, INC.!  We understand there is another shipment to come ... "Whenever you're ready for it."  One sheet of yesterday's load is already UP !

W O W !     THANK YOU!


Our bathroom floor is nearly ready for a potty and, at last report, our plumber, Mr. Miller, is due to visit us tomorrow (Saturday.)

Those of you who have donated so generously of YOUR time, YOUR money and YOUR efforts may never know how deeply we appreciate all that you have done and continue to do.

God Bless you ALL ! !

Now it's off to work to get that floor finished!  

A GREAT weekened to all !