Here it is ... nearly the 4th of July;  A day when ALL Americans should celebrate our freedoms and say THANKS !  to our Vets.  And what does our blog show?  "No hits, no runs, ...." but, as we see it,  a bunch of errors. 

We sit at home and wave flags, eat BBQ and surround ourselves with friends and family while our Vets ... some of our Vets wonder where their next meal is coming from ... they're not asking for BARBEQUE AND BEER !. They would be happy with a cold bologna sandwich and a cup of cold water.  They wonder where they'll sleep th' night of th' Fourth. "This bridge ... that bush ... do I wanna risk goin' to jail to sleep inside that abandoned warehouse so I'm out of th' rain?"

We can't complain though!  We have had a GREAT year so far at our facility!  Our Coast Guard volunteers have done WONDERS with the materials that THEY got DONATED !  And some of the contacts that they have made ... they're GREAT, too !  Look at some of our pictures ... you'll see.

Our deepest THANKS to all our volunteers, our donors, be they large or small, and, mostly ...

TO OUR VETERANS and those who put their lives on the line DAILY for US!

And to our GREAT Nation, as a whole ....

H A P P Y    B I R T H D A Y ! !