WOW ! We are so sorry! So much has happened ...

Can't believe it's been 2 months since we posted a THANK YOU !

Our final shipment of sheetrock was delivered. THANKS, again, Señor Barrone! OH ! A N D ... thanks, too, to th' guys from MAREK BROTHERS COMPANY who were kind enough, even after getting wrong directions, to haul all of that upstairs and stack it for us!

It's almost all been hung, taped and floated compliments of SR. Beátrice Cruz, Señor Eddie Carreon and Señor Pedro who did such an outstanding job of installlation ! THANKS TO YOU ALL !

Our other, original, volunteers ... SEMPER PARADIS, Ladies and Gentlemen! ... were back in and got two (2) more windows framed in! Unfortunately, somebody did NOT have a camera with them ( can you say "LEWIS"? DUHHH ) so we failed to get a picture of YN3 Hackney on a ladder. She did a fine job!

And then ... along came I K E ! We lost shingles and gained water! We have insulation to change, probably some (fortunately a very limited amount... so far) of sheetrock to redo, etc. But, you know what ...

Our volunteers are G R E A T ! ! Th' Seabees say it best ...

C A N D O ! !

Our deepest thanks to all who have and to all who continue to support our Veterans!


G O D B L E S S T H E U N I T E D S T A T E S OF A M E R I C A ! !