I found a Nikon F5 on Craigslist and bought it today for just under 400 bucks. I've seen some for sale for a tad cheaper on eBay / Amazon / etc but I didn't have to pay shipping and I got to hold it and check it out before I handed over my cash so I think I got a very good deal.

It's in very good condition. I want to find a data reader and download the information to see how many rolls/shots were previously made. I was expecting it to look like a pro camera should but it looks hardly used. I was pretty stoked.

I shot two rolls of cheap film and developed them tonight. The one thing I already love about it is that I can manually rewind the film and leave a bit of leader which made loading my reels so much easier. I'm going to have to get used to the two shutter buttons; I hit the vertical button a few times while rewinding and ruined a few frames. I'm very glad I used cheap film to play around with.

It's heavy as hell but I'll get used to that. I picked up my other cameras to compare weights and the F5 weighs as much as my D80, D600, and F100 combined. My back already hates me so I'm sure it will pack up one day and leave.

I can't wait to share photos taken with this beast. I'm pretty excited.