“Just” Thinking
Andrew M

Just a thought while sitting here,catching up It needs help & it will…Later

With each new day brings another yesterday
Yesterday seems to have flown by too quick
Too quick for us to enjoy it seems but a memory
A memory that will be forgotten if much of nothing
happened to keep in our memory “another day”

Another day we should have made the most of
Most of besides work,doing the little things the
simple things in life that we take for granted
Granted,We should smell the flowers for one
For one, another is to scratch off the “bucket list”

Bucket list to enjoy the things you should be enjoying
Enjoying all the Todays so that there is a reason to
Reason to remember yesterday at all instead of
Instead of having “Just Yesterday” in our memory
Our memory is full of yesterdays Are our Todays
Filled with the best to remember? Or “Just” another day?