The Tin Man of War
Andrew M

There's a war going on everyday
Only I know about What do i say?
The battle begins when my eyes open
The creaking and cracking begins
My joints inflamed and swollen
As I climb out of my cloud and shake
off the nights slumber,creaking along
to put on coffee Can't make a fist
hands too swollen,knees are screaming
A handful of pills, Napraxon,asprin,
Arthro-tech,and on bad days... Vicoden
On bad days the war seems to drag on
and the pain is more intense then
other's This like any other war of
late,Thier are no winners, only losers
As the day wears on the battle subsides
The tension eases back and I forget about
the battle which I fought to get here.
More pills later in the day my body accepts
them to keep it loose Without the steady
flow of ammunition to keep this body moving
The war would be lost and I would be rusted
and unmovable As The Tin Man.......
Being left out in the rain