Did you put him through it,
why then would you make her do it.
Were your lies necessary, when within truth you deny.
The way to a life that could be mine and yours.
But you continue in taking life without remorse.
Personal gain is what I am feeling, from your layered life appearing.

Is this life here with me, was it then the same. Before?
Before I lost my memory, inferno red, my memory.
Will the question that is, be forever and remains?
Or do we start remembering, why we are here? And what part do we play here within?

What was it that I said, behind the face of you?
To remember what was said, would admit, this a place for two.
Too my head
you’re dead - and now I regret everything

Floating - now I regret seeing
Changing - now I regret labelling
I'm Cheap in a way to deep, in empty, thus that my space existing,
But still your dead - not to regret.

© Andrew Sparkes 2006-2007