It means that:
- I've decided to take a break from commissions (after I finish the 2 heads that I have left to paint)
- I want to relax and focus on having fun/developing my own resin family, I want to buy lots of clothes and shoes and I want to make more unique wigs for them
- I will be a bit less active in general to recharge my batteries and creative juices (all the constant art theft drama and copycats have burned me out more than I'd like to admit)
- I should be able to keep both A-line (Jess) and M-line (Cassie) Chloes AND 3 other incoming dollies :D Woot Woot

I still plan to paint faceups on a regular basis (perhaps 1-2 heads each month) because I want to continue developing my skills, practice and keep on making Youtube videos :) But as I said before, I have 2 faceups to finish from my last commissioning period, so those will take me another 2-3 weeks and then I have my own dolls to paint (Jess and two others that should get here next week) plus I have a lovely Siean from my close friend that needs a makeover. Basically it will take awhile before I open new commission slots.

By the time my probation period is over it will be November, which only leaves me with 1 month before I am going back to Europe to visit my family/frends/relatives and travel for 3 weeks. I will be stopping in France for a few days, Hungary, Italy and many other places. It would be great if I somehow managed to meet some dollie friends as I will definitely bring at least one of my resin crew members with me :D

As always if you want to see what I am up to on a daily basis (dollie related and not) you can find me on Instagram. Otherwise Facebook receives a lot of my attention in relation to the bjd hobby and I use it every week.

See you around :)