Firstly thank you to those people who commented on my previous blog and also took the time to mail me directly. Your kind words and thoughts were very much appreciated and made things a little easier.

I'm now in the position to start easing back into things and especially photography again. Sharon was always supportive of my hobby as she knew it gave me a break from things and meant that she could get to see places that were inaccessible to her. Over the last couple of years I had said to people to give me money for Christmas and birthdays and the idea being that it would go towards a new camera. Well that is on hold until early next year possibly so instead I used the money I had to get a new lens instead. So now I am the owner of a Canon 70-200mm L lens.... which makes me feel quite the extravagent person for buying. However I know Sharon would have approved of my buying that - and probably feels I should be getting a new camera as well ! but I will bide my time on that.

So I now have some breaks away planned over the next couple of months which will hopefully let me get some use out of my new toy.

I look forward to posting those up and also catching up with the work that everyone else has done :-)