I noted in my previous article that I had a close family member who was ill which had restricted my photographic activities. Unfortunately the family member was my dear wife who sadly passed away last weekend after a 5 year battle with cancer.
I was lucky that she saw photography as a good distraction for me, especially in recent years, that allowed me to 'get away from things' as well as letting her see sights and areas that she was not able to get to herself.
So I am in a limbo in terms of posting things up but I will be doing in the future. For those who have me as a contact then rest assured that I will be looking at your images even if I don't comment. Likewise the same is true for the groups that I am a part of.
I look forward to using this time and experience to push myself to improve my abilities and skills to create images that I would hope she would have enjoyed. That is something that my contacts and others on Ipernity can be the judge of.