I have been on ipernity for just a fortnight now and have to say how amazed I have been with the interaction and the work that I have seen already.

My original reason for looking here was the realisation that I did not like the new view and format forced onto people at Flickr. It also highlighted how long it had been since I looked there, as my active photography had taken a back seat in the last couple of years due to an ongoing illness with a close family member. I have been out and about in that time with my camera, usually when visiting close friends one of whom is a very accomplished photographer. However once home I invariably viewed my images just the once and then did no more with them apart from backing them up onto my hard drive.
So I looked at ipernity more as somewhere to set up an account and perhaps, at least, move images from Flickr so that I could close that account if I wanted to.

However I have been blown away by the amount of visits and comments that I have received already on the images I have uploaded in the short time that I have been here. Perhaps it is fate, good timing or plain old coincidence but it has come at a time when I have been in need of a good distraction outside of family. This has given me a kick start to now go back and review a lot of these older sessions that I have done previously and see what I have that is of a standard worthy to post on here. So, like many on here, you may well see images posted that are not always recent but have been tucked away waiting to see the light of day. I will hope to get out and about to obtain new material but that is not something that is as regular as I would like or that I am able to justify.

For those who have taken the time to visit already and look at my images and for those who have already taken me on as a contact I would like to say a very sincere and genuine thank you. It has been very welcome to a community like this and I hope that it stays like it and that I can contribute to that feel. To those visiting for the first time then welcome! and look forward to sharing each others work.