I knew he was no ordinary doctor when I read in the newspaper that he shot up a house he was living in and had to go to court where he promised to repair the damages. I found out he wasn't sure of himself the day I met him at the hospital and he went into great detail about how the woman he was renting from there had been going through his things and then poisoned his dog because she was afraid of him and couldn't go through his things with the dog there.......I kept trying to explain to him that I was schizo affective and I was the last person in the world he needed to explain himself too.......but Doc seemed to really care what people thought.

He was a tall man with wavy hair and a lot of charisma.....you couldn't help but notice him when he was about. He never put on airs about being a doctor either, as far as he was concerned he was just like everyone else. He made me a little nervous because he was unpredictable.......most people don't go about shooting up houses. But when he touched the life of my brother I got to know a little more about him. My brother is an addict and seemingly unredeemable, he just wont do what it takes to get his life together. He works odd jobs to get money, spends it on his vices, and then looks to the well established in their lives for necessities.......Doc gave him plenty of odd jobs and tried to help him with his problems, but it was obvious to most people that Doc had problems of his own.

I guess I'll be going to his memorial service to pay my respects on behalf of my brother. Doc gave me his number and told me to keep in touch, and with a heavy heart, I have to admit I did not keep in touch. Now I wish I had......rumors have been flying about what happened to Doc and how he died......the closest I could get to the truth is that Doc inhaled that compressed air they sell to clean your computer with and crystalized his lungs. Being a doctor, I think if this is the way it happened, he did it on purpose, he would have heard the warnings about doing that. I can only assume he was tired of living the life of an addict and trying to maintain some kind of image of normalcy all at the same time. I will never forget him and I will always wish I had kept in touch. Part of the reason I didn't was that I was worried my husband might get the wrong idea, but now it doesn't matter........I only hope that the charity Doc showed to people in his life was indicative of the state of his soul.......if he was ok with the Lord, then I will see him again, no matter what failures he had as a recovering addict........I'm going to miss knowing he was there.......I really and truly liked Doc. He touched more lives than I think he realized. I hope he knows that now. RIP Doc.