Horror of horrors.......I have developed allergies later in life.......and tonight my symptoms weren't bad at all, until my cat was in my lap and I was petting her. I can't be allergic to cats! I love cats and I have two of them! I shall take the allergy meds and hope for the best because my cats are people too!

I am friends with my ex. I know that sounds weird, especially since I had such a hard time getting rid of him when I was married to him......but his mom was more mom to me than mine was as I was growing up and he and I married when he was twenty one and I was seventeen. I've kept up with his mom all these years and when I moved back to the area I figured we should get along on that account........oh, at first he thought we would set up housekeeping together, but I was going to have a baby and he's not daddy material and besides, I didn't love him in that way......he was a stalker when I was married to him and he was controlling and mean. I used to sit and listen to all the stuff he "could" do to someone if he felt like it, and none of it was nice. I used to have to listen to him spout off about how if he had his way most people would be dead because he didn't like people as the general rule goes.......what gets me though, is he makes friends very easily and has always had the gift of gab.

Lately though, he's threatened me. He's going to school to be a nurse and when I told him he was pissing in the wind, he would never be a nurse, this look came over his face, the same one I know so well that generally proceeded an ass whipping......then he regained his composure and told me if I wound up in his ER, he would make sure I got an almost boiling water enema........he's made good on threats against me before and I've been on the business end of a gun because of him before too......frankly, he frightens me. You might have heard the phrase, keep your friends close and your enemies closer, that's kind of why I stay on good terms with him.......we live in a small area and it's impossible not to bump into one another every so often. We have kids the same age and so I figured......if the kids get along, he cant manipulate his kids to be mean to mine. He's mean........just down right mean and I fear for anyone he has in his care if he does become a nurse........especially if he doesn't like them.

Once he threatened me, I quit talking to him almost immediately.......and I've been praying ever since. He used to tell me that if we ever weren't together, I couldn't live in the same town as him. I did live in the same town for a time, but then my husband and I bought a house in a nearby town........then when the ex reconciled with his child bride, he moved her to our town so she wouldn't be around anyone she used to run with. He's been here for some time now and I was ok with that, but once he threatened me, I was wanting him gone.......well, finally he has found himself another lady he thinks he can control......he never seems to want a woman unless he detects she needs to be controlled. So now finally he's moving back to the old town to try to get her to move there so he can keep her at a distance from all the people she knows here. I'm glad he is moving.......he's trying to keep it a big secret but it's not a big deal to me except that I will have distance from him.

I don't know if he'll ever be a nurse. The truth is he doesn't play well with others and hates being told what to do and want's banker's hours........he seems to think he will get all these academic credentials and then walk onto the hospital floor as the head nurse and be bossing around all the other nurses right out of the gate........from what I understand it doesn't work that way, but he has always led a charmed life and gotten pretty much what he wanted in life. If he didn't get it one way, he always got it another.

From what I understand, the girl he's chasing now is twenty years his junior and naïve about what she is playing with.......but she is not so innocent in her ways though. I feel sorry for her because she doesn't know what she's getting into. She likes to party and play the field and claims she only wants to be friends with the ex.......but for some reason every person she parties with gets into trouble with the police......and for some reason, after she left her clothes at the ex's house, she broke out between her legs with poison oak or ivy........but she seems to be convinced she has it all under control......she hasn't conceded into moving in with him yet, although he has all these grand plans on how to control her........he doesn't have wives and girlfriends.......he has victims.......there was one woman who truly loved him and wanted to be with him and be faithful and true and everything he required of her.......and she's beautiful.......but he considered her to be stupid and simple and he doesn't want her back........I think it's because she bores him.

I remember once in our marriage, I tried to be that kind of woman too.....and he went to abusing me verbally.......once I started treating him bad and talking to him bad again, he cheered right up.......I guess he doesn't want to be a member of a club that would have him as a member........I don't know if this young girl is going to move in with him or not, and I don't really care......I only know that God works in mysterious ways and he will be moving.......for all I know she talked him into moving so she can be rid of him and has no intention of being rid of him until after he has safely moved........gotta hand it to her, if that's her game plan, she is smarter at her age than I was at that age........hat's off to her.

I know there are a lot of women out there in the world who don't seem to want a man unless he needs to be fixed........I don't understand this concept.......when I married my ex I thought he could be fixed if he was treated right......but he was the last time I hooked up with a fixer upper.......I learned my lesson well the first time.....from then on I hooked up with what I could handle, not what needed to be fixed.....if they wont behave while you are dating, they surely wont behave once you are together. People are on their best behavior during dating......in any case.......I'm still praying......praying that I never have to be in his care if he DOES become a nurse, and praying no one in my family ever is either. I also toss in a prayer for that young girl too.......she's a wild one......but she's still human.