Man, I was talking to my sister this evening.......she's been a manager of a convenience store for about three months. She's been working her tail off because she kept having trouble finding people to work who would actually come to work. The job pays minimum wage so I can see why it wouldn't be a coveted job.......but by the same token, when I worked I always did it because I liked to eat.

Tonight she was talking though, about firing someone for complaining, and when I investigated what the person was complaining about, come to find out they had been doing a manager's job at the other store without the pay. My sister told me the owners of the store had recently complained that sales were down and her district manager had had to remind them that my sister was being spread pretty thin on her they accepted that. But I've been wondering if she's made too many enemies. It's a tiny town and people liking you or not liking you can make all the difference in the world about some things.......she told me with pride that they now call her the terminator......

I love my sissy but I recall that no matter where she has lived or been in life, one of her main mantras about people in general is that they are matter where they were......and that seems to be one of her main mantras now too. I thought I was a critical person but I'm beginning to see that she makes me look good in that area......she is way more critical than I've ever thought about being. I worry about her because she tends to think that store would not survive without her because of all she has put into it. I have seen that be the most dangerous place a person can be when it comes to being able to keep a job. I've seen people lose their jobs about as soon as they adopted that attitude.

Aside from that, some of the employees she has let go have called her bosses about her to protest their being fired. I love my sister and I'm worried her job is in more jeopardy than she realizes........I've had her living with me before and I don't want her living with me again. So I'm hoping and praying things will level out for her and the store so that this wont happen......I get along with her for the most part........but there is a difference in religion issue that is bigger than the both of us.

I am Christian by persuasion and she denounced Christ some time ago and converted to Judaism.......the biggest fight we had while she was living here had to do with my belief in Christ, and I don't want someone in my house whom I have to defend my faith too or else keep my thoughts to myself and my preaching turned down low just because they are here......she might be my blood sister, but when it comes to being part of the family I mostly identify with, she's as close to the enemy as it gets. When it comes to choosing between her and Christ, I'm afraid he wins. So I guess if there comes a time she has to move back in, I will have to set some ground rules regarding my belief system and let her know I won't be trying to walk on eggshells and I don't want any conversations to go contrary to what I believe........I wouldn't have the ability to bless her without having Christ in my life......because the truth is, that we live so good on so little has everything to do with the Lord and nothing to do with her.

I remember when I had to take in her oldest son because he was threatening to run away instead of immigrating to Israel with them and she told me it was my house or foster care, we were having an almost impossible time making ends meet and I was sweating it every month........she and her husband at the time were making big money, I mean, BIG money........and she wouldn't help me to save my life. She was so convinced it was me and my other sister interfering with her son that made him so rebellious in the first place that she would NOT help me while he was here. Having him here was not so easy on us all of the time........he was sixteen and thought he was a man, he'd been told all his life that we were trash because we were poor......he was brought here being told that he was smarter than we were.......I didn't have a chance with that kid from the word "go".

She is amazed I'm so forgiving and things, but what she doesn't know is that I haven't forgotten.......I have soon as things happened I forgave them......but I don't forget how someone treats me so I don't get surprised when they treat me that way again. I've just always found out that's a good policy in life, to take your blinders off and really get real about things sometimes.

So I guess I need to pray about all this and ask the Lord to help her to help herself. They were good houseguests for the most part, but when it comes to Christ, I'm not ready to compromise and she's not ready to leave me be about him. Besides, no matter how well two families get along.......seldom can they do it very well living in the same dwelling.