Allusion : "A reference to something supposed to be known, but not explicitly mentioned; a covert indication; indirect reference; a hint." Noun

"On the busy dirt trails of the South, Farmers lead their cows to another pasture on the other side of the road. He places a thick, sturdy wooden board over the two inch separated steel round bars fixed into the dirt as wide as the gate opening, to allow his fattening and slow hefers to cross without breaking their legs. Every hefer seems to look the same. Their color, their size, their gate at which they walk, their big pink wet noses and the ceaseless noises they make all seem eerily duplicated.

A weathered old man under a trucker hat points out something that caugth his eye. It was so discrete and minuscule the younger more inexperienced boys that are with him this day, wouldn't of caught it. In their mass of 50 or so hefers, there was one that didn't look quite the same. She had the same color tag, same number, but the branding on her left rump was slightly different. There have been cow thievery mentioned in the news, talk of it from ear to ear.

The old man didn't point it out, but leaned into one of the younger boys behind him that's perched on the fence and feintly uttered something, "..he's at it again.." His eyes watching a truck making a trail of dust down the dirt road away from them. He knew it fairly well. A farmer, well known in the agriculture circles, with a grudge, was attempting to steal the old man's cattle, good thing he came today."

Every day of our lives we do things we know to do, that we don't always tell others. In the morning, you wake up and take a shower and brush your teeth before you sit down at the kitchen table or couch and eat your breakfast before work. No one that lives with you, asked you if you did these things, they just look at you and notice your fresh clean uniform, your wet hair, your food, the lazy droop of your eyes. They put it all together and realize that you work today, that you just got up 30 minutes to an hour ago, and despite a hot or cold shower, you're still croggy, sleepy and probably unaproachable from the unusual "Good Morning" you omitt.

That's a sign of something supposed to be known, but not usually or ever mentioned. They know not to talk to you or even acknowledge your presence when you have that 'look' about yourself. That look of, 'Don't bother me, I feel shitty.' look. You didn't have to tell them this, they just know. Probably after a few times you've blown up on them a little bit when they did, and now they know the signs of your grumpyness and don't bother you in the mornings.

Most kids and preteens these days don't read Shakespeare or watch MGM, but they know Shakespeare existed because of word of mouth before they went to 7th grade English 1, because they know black and white movies are really really old movies because their grandparents watch them all the time and associate the two.

"Oh her, that girl, yea, she stole my notebook, the little witch." Whoever stole the notebook know's who this angry girl is referring to, even though her name was not mentioned. Probably the whole school knows about it and will associate school theft with the notebook thief from hereafter.

Customers that buy from a certain store often, getting the same things at the same time of day on the same day, become regulars. The staff train themselves to pick up on this and to satisfy the customer and get him/her to come back, they have their usual things already in bags, ready to be purchased. It's also a rule, something staff should already know about even if you don't work in a store or have worked at all.

Drivers today still flash their lights breifly both during the day and night, signalling there's a hidden cop somewhere on the street. It's common curtesy (at least drivers do this in Louisiana). Some drivers won't notice this, but most drivers know what that means as soon as the lights flicker. I'm sure almost 80% of Lousiainians know what that means. You don't see any on Cops or Worlds Wildest lol.

In the internet world, WoW written this way means World of Warcraft. DA; Da means Deviantart etc. People who use these abreviations not only know what it is they are referring to, but they also know that these initials are a widely known abreviation for these places. D&D, La, LA, TX, PA, L, R, U, D: Dungeons & Dragons, Louisiana, Los Angeles, Texas, Pennsylvania, Left, Right, Up, Down. We all know these little initials. Most learn them on their own without some one telling them what it means. "Oh.. look ___p and notice the squirrel on the ____ight! They are hints of actual whole words we use every day.

Allusionist would be someone or something that reminds others of things not neccessarily mentioned in every day conversation, but it's known that Allusion means hints or covered up, known secret, and they know that -ist at the end must mean it is a person or thing associated with these. You put them together and you know the meaning, but not the actual definition.

The meaning you know and attach to 'Allusionist' is some one or something, if seen, would resemble or remind someone of particular things. All kinds of things. Like common folklore or old wives tales, people know it, they know the stories, but they don't really speak of it much because even though most are entertaining, some are not true or worth the breath at certain times.

Allusionist is actually not even a word. It's not in your dictionary, not even in the internet dictionary I use. ->

So think about it, what do you see your friends or siblings or parents, or even your pets doing? When they are not in the livingroom, are they usually in the kitchen or outside? Do you usually find them on the porch in the evening taking advantage of the cool northern autumn breezes? Do you know their habits and usual way of things?

My dog Sharron knows when my clock goes off the first time, it's time to go outside. She knows it's supposed to go off a second time, which means breakfast. I never had to tell her this, she just knows it from experiencing me getting up every morning after the first alarm and leading her outside to go to the bathroom and then going back to bed when she comes in. Then when the second alarm goes off, I go into the livingroom and dig her blue bowl into the dog food bag, turn the focet on and let it run a bit until it turns warm and run it into her bowl of food so she can have soft food.

Take time to notice the little things that you come to know during your routine without word of mouth and you'll understand Allusion. :3